Baoen Shan
Hebei Medical University
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Gastric cancer is the fifth most common malignancy in the world, with Eastern Asia as one of areas with the highest incidence rates. Trastuzumab, a HER2-targeting antibody, combined with chemotherapy has been successfully employed for the gastric cancer patients with HER2 overexpression/amplification. However, trastuzumab resistance is a major problem in clinical practice. Here we observed that the trastuzumab-resistant gastric cancer cell line NCI-N87/TR expressed high levels of epithelial–mese...
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Infiltration of dendritic cells and T lymphocytes predicts favorable outcome in epithelial ovarian cancer
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Gastric cancer is the fourth most common malignancy in the world. Although microRNA-200 (miR-200) family members are thought to play roles in tumorigenesis, their functions in carcinogenesis are tumor specific, and the underlying mechanism of action still remains elusive. Few studies to date have addressed the dysregulation and function of miR-200 family members in gastric cancer progression. Here, we report that the miR-200 family members, miR-200c and miR-141, were significantly downregulated ...
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Heat-shock protein 90 inhibitors synergistically enhance melanoma differentiation-associated gene-7-mediated cell killing of human pancreatic carcinoma
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Interleukin (IL)-27, composed of p28 and EBV-induced gene 3 subunits, has diverse functions in enhancing cell-mediated immunity and silencing the immunity. We examined whether forced expression of the p28-linked EBI3 gene in human oesophageal carcinoma cells (Eca109) produced antitumour effects in a T cell-defective condition. Tumour growth of Eca109 cells expressing IL-27 (Eca109 ⁄ IL-27) was retarded in nude mice compared with parental and vector DNA-transduced tumours and survival of the mice...
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