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Purpose There have been conflicting data on the relative frequency of common forms of primary nephrotic syndrome (PNS). We undertook this study to look at the causes of PNS in the latest decade from our biopsy population, with a special attention to breakdown by race. Methods Retrospective chart review of all cases of adult PNS extracted from a database of 1388 cases for the last 10 years. We were careful to exclude patients with secondary disease and without the full nephrotic syndrome. Results...
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Background Aquapheresis (AQ) consists of the extracorporeal extraction of plasma water from the vascular space across a semipermeable membrane in response to a transmembrane pressure gradient. The primary utilization of AQ has been in the management of patients with diuretic resistant heart failure with a treatment goal directed to quickly eliminate the excess fluid and optimize volume status. This modality is similar to isolated ultrafiltration performed on those patients requiring dialysis, bu...
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Since the arteriovenous fistula (AVF) was first conceived over 50 years ago, the goal to create a vascular conduit with predictable and reproducible maturation and durability continues to elude caregivers. Recently, however, advances in the understanding of vascular biology and new technologies now provides us with some optimism; we are moving toward a viable solution. A quickly maturing, sustainable, and durable arteriovenous access may soon be attainable. This review will discuss these advance...
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Background: COVID-19 has been associated with a very high risk of AKI The pathophysiology of the AKI is unclear with conflicting reports regarding the presence of direct infection of the kidney with SARS-CoV2 Methods: Postmortem kidney biopsy was performed in adult patients with confirmed COVID-19 and stage 2 /3 AKI Biopsies were examined using light and electron microscopy Immunohistochemistry and RNA in situ hybridization were performed for SARS-CoV2 Results: 12 patients (83% male) with mean a...
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Purpose The use of lung ultrasound (LUS) to identify extravascular lung water has received increasing acceptance. Sonographic B-lines, discrete vertical lines that originate from the pleura, represent pulmonary edema and are correlated with the accumulation of fluid. The goal of this study was to evaluate the utility of LUS to determine the accuracy of prescribed dry weight (DW) in chronic hemodialysis (HD) patients and to ascertain the adequacy of fluid removal.
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