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Background Effective communication is a core skill for professionals. Skilled communication is also regarded as one of the key domains of leadership that doctors should develop. Postgraduate training in communication skills is not embedded within training programmes other than GPs. This pilot study examines the feasibility and outcomes of communications skills training for doctors in their Core Medical Training. Methods Doctors completed a pre and post training questionnaire at three months to r...
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Aim:This paper is a report of a study of conflict management styles used by nurses in Jordan.Background:There are five main styles used to deal with conflict. At present research into their utilisation is dominated by reports from Western countries. This research is the second to investigate their use by nurses in an Arab country and it illustrates similarities with the earlier work, allowing an initial profile to be constructed which may be applicable to the larger Arab world of healthcare.Meth...
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Aims and Objectives: In 1995, students in the UK identified five characteristics of a good mentor. After 14 years, the author repeated the study to investigate whether students still identify the same characteristics of a good mentor. Design: Cross-sectional descriptive study. Methods: The study was conducted in the UK, USA and Jordan to validate the previous study in countries with different cultures and different mentorship systems. After ethical approval was granted, a structured questionnair...
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This review explores the literature with regards to interprofessional learning (IPL) for qualified nurses and other health care workers. Three research studies were found. These showed that IPL can promote interprofessional trust, knowledge and skills. There is as yet no evidence that patient outcomes are changed, and taken as a whole, the evidence is not strong. There is also evidence that the providers of IPL for post-registration health care workers also tend to be the researchers. This is no...
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Background The national surgical site infection (SSI) surveillance service in England collates and publishes SSI rates that are used for benchmarking and to identify the prevalence of SSIs. However, research studies using high-quality SSI surveillance report rates that are much higher than those published by the national surveillance service. This variance questions the validity of data collected through the national service. Aim To audit SSI definitions and data collection methods used by hospi...
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This review is used to support national practice recommendations on hair removal by the Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP Standards and Recommendations for Safe Perioperative Practice 2007, Harrogate, AfPP Publishing). This review is also included in the draft version of the NICE surgical site infection guidelines
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Mentoring is widely used to support learning within healthcare settings. It is an essential component of a range of Learning Beyond Registration programmes in the UK. This research project used an extensive literature review to identify the variables reported as affecting student experiences of mentoring quality. In addition to producing descriptive data, multiple regressions were used to produce a parsimonious model which explained the descriptive findings. Four items were found to account for ...
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